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Make it easy and sustainable!

When you don´t have time to wrap your gifts and you want to make that little extra for your friend, kid or dearest.


DUDE design long-lasting, reusable gift boxes with paper personalities and leather details. Our Dudies can be used in many different ways. Fill the boxes with something pretty, and give them to someone special. Good presents deserve great wrapping. And sustainable wrapping.  I’m the gift that keeps giving

Sustainable gift ???

We throw away so much garbage these days that it can make anyone, anywhere getting ready to apologize to mother earth. We have a climate debate that is more topical than ever and just one single household in Sweden throws away around 1,5 tons of garbage each single year. DUDE wants to play a part in the resistance movement. Knowing packaging and wrapping paper is one of the greater villains in the environmental struggle, I felt it was on my table to act. I decided to create a giftbag you can actually use again and again for multiple purposes. Just move me DUDE. Our packaging material are from sustainable woods and the leather we use, source from excess materials as much as possible. My values goes way back and has become even more important when becoming a mother myself. I was born and raised the first years in Bollebygd, a municipality that very early on started to make the inhabitants aware of the environment. I believe we can gain that approach very early on. Do you want a sustainable environment? Give a sustainable gift. ???

DUDE Packaging

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