Products presented on the Website are subject to availability and may change without notice.

The Customer may not purchase Products on the Website, and may not accept the Conditions of Sale if the Customer is not 18 years old and therefore not able to enter into a binding agreement with DUDE.

In order to purchase Product(s) on DUDE’s Website the Customer must confirm his or her acceptance of the Conditions of Sale.

The Customer will place an Order on the Website by adding the Product(s) to the “Shopping bag” and then proceed to “checkout ”. The Customer must also confirm his or her Order by clicking on the button marked “ finish purchase “ to the Customer’s Order.

The Customer’s Order for Product(s) shall be regarded as a binding agreement to purchase Product(s) under the Conditions of Sale.

Orders are subject to acceptance by DUDE and availability of the ordered Product(s). If ordered Product(s) is/are not available, DUDE will notify the Customer by email and the Customer will have the option either to wait until the Product will be available from stock or to cancel the Order.

After placing an Order, the Customer will receive an email from DUDE acknowledging the receipt of the Customer’s Order (“Order Confirmation”), which will constitute a binding agreement between the Customer and DUDE.

The Order Confirmation will include all details of the Product(s), price(s) of the Product(s) including VAT and any other fees, delivery costs, information regarding the Customer’s right to cancel within the Grace Period as per below and other services provided by DUDE and the terms to cancel the Order

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